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NITIDOS Design performs all types of audiovisual content with a high creative ability by giving a personal and adapted to each project aesthetic.
Recording, editing and postproduction of videos motivational and corporate, making advertising shoots, models for commercials, content for multi-display watchout off


We are a company that knows how important that is the corporate identity of a brand, that is why we offer the services of design and development of the corporate visual image representing your company, logo redesign, update of the global image and applications of the spaces, advertising and product branding.
Our creative and design department can translate their ideas and concepts in different physical media such as: posters, brochures, leaflets, catalogues, magazines, billboards advertising, covers of magazines and editorial design


Offers "turnkey solutions" for all kinds of events. The events give us the possibility of applying various design disciplines in a single project; graphic design, set design, audiovisual content and multi.
As in the rest of our areas of activity, in the events carried out by our team we have combined creativity and efficiency in the technical and human resources in order to achieve a colorful, fluid and original result that remains in the memory of the organizers and attendees.


Our creative team is specialized in design and animation with the most advanced computer applications to develop all visual and infographics languages, getting a better quality and consistency in the results. Some of the graphics which we have been developing are headers and credits for television programmes and documentaries, reels, animated logos and motion graphics for events among others.


The presence on the Internet is becoming increasingly important. It is the easiest way to be present in every corner of the planet. Create a multimedia environment allows you to display your texts, photos, music and videos with a single click.
Our services include: design of web pages, interactive CDs, e-cards, multimedia presentations, newsletters and banners.


Stands of small or large size, national and international fairs, various sectors, designs and productions for a single assembly or reusable in several rooms. We adapt to each case and develop all or part of the process to our customers demand.


We live in a world where the image increasingly is more important, for this reason, we have a series of professional staff photographers that adapts to different disciplines of photography: advertising, architecture, decoration, portraits, photojournalism, events...


As opposed to the technology, we also offer craft and warm as the illustration services. Training in fine arts in the creative Department makes it possible the application of various illustrative as gouache, watercolor, pen techniques...


As good music lovers, we can always advise you what musical style best fits your project. We have a large number of banks of sounds and music. On the other hand also do custom compositions as jingles, repackaged and foundations of musical for audiovisual content, events...