Throughout 2015 we have had the pleasure of developing a very interesting project, the PESONETO shop. Gourmet shop, a grocery, dedicated to Spanish traditional and family businesses producers, located in the heart of Madrid. We have developed the project from scratch. First, we designed brand's visual image, using a scale as the main symbol. The claim summarizes well the philosophy of the shop: SELECTION OF ARTISAN FLAVORS.

01 pesoneto papeleria

After clearly define the graphic elements of the PESONETO brand, we designed stationery and packaging. Here are some examples:

02 pesoneto papeleria

03 pesoneto papeleria

04 pesoneto papeleria

13 pesoneto tienda

12 pesoneto tienda



Meanwhile our team developed the entire project of the organization and decoration of the shop. We created several illustrations to indicate the different sections of the shop products: wine, beer, hams and sausages, cheeses...

Alburquerque Street, 3, 28010 Madrid.

Here are some photos of the shop:

05 pesoneto tienda

07 pesoneto tienda

08 pesoneto tienda

09 pesoneto tienda

11 pesoneto tienda

01ilustracionesPN 700px

02ilustracionesPN 700px

PESONETO video of the shop.

If you can not see the video, click here:

We also made an animation to send by social networks for the opening of the PESONETO Shop.

If you can not see the video, click here: