Graphic Design

We are a company that knows how important is the corporate identity of a brand, so we offer design services and development of corporate visual image that represents your company, re-design of logos, upgrade the overall image and applications Brand for spaces, advertising and products.

Our creative and design department can translate their ideas and concepts in different physical media such as: posters, brochures, leaflets, catalogues, magazines, billboards advertising, covers of magazines and editorial design.

Some examples of corporate identity of brands and logos for events and television programs.

01 logos niti

Examples of stationary development of some companies.

03 leefilms papeleria

02 gabrielcastano papeleria

04 thales papeleria

05 pesoneto papeleria

06 thales 60anos papeleria


Design of the Digipack "ONE" for the Jazz musician Ernesto Aurignac.

07 ernesto aurignac uno 1

08 ernesto aurignac uno 2


Design of the CD "A Thin Line"  for the Madrid based Reggae group, Blueskank.
Moreover we also attached Tour 2015 poster designs and Tees.

09 blueskank a thin line

10 blueskank a thin line

11 blueskank a thin line

12 poster blueskank

13 camisetas blueskank

14 camisetas blueskank


Design of the vinyl record for the group MUT jazz trio.

07 mut1

08 mut2


05 tontxu1

06 tontxu2

Editorial design covers for SUMA DE LETRAS.

01 aunque seamos malditas1

12 benjamin

13 no y yo