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Gabriel Castaño S.L. It is a family business located in Cumbres Mayores, in the heart of the Sierra de Huelva. Over five generations have been passed from father to son, the traditional processes of preparation of hams and sausages.

The company, which has been developing its work since 1929, was raised to change its corporate visual image to suit the new challenges in the market, a new way to communicate with their customers in the XXI century.

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Thanks to the close and deep collaboration between Gabriel Castaño family and NITIDOS Design Studio we have developed a new Global Brand Image for Gabriel Castaño, updating stationery and creating a new packaging.

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When face the challenge to create the new brand Gabriel Castaño, we did a preliminary study of the mark which has been used since its inception: typography, corporate colors, graphic image ... On one hand, we wanted to keep some element of the old mark and on the other, we had to create and evolve the brand to the present days. After many tests and debate, we decided that we maintain the image of a pig, so characteristic of the old brand, but giving it a modern twist. On the other hand, we also wanted to continue using the yellow, which ultimately led to an ocher / mustard color and continue to maintain a San Serif font. 


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